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Be Innovative and Well Prepared

In 2022, the Company made more progress in the core industries and key projects. The photoinitiators project of Inner Mongolia JIURI with an annual output of 9,250 tons has been put into operation. Dajing Information started pilot production and sent samples for verification for the project of special photosensitizer for microelectronic photoresist with an annual output of 600 tons.

Planning·Design·Be Prepared

The Company established a sub-subsidiary company Huaihua Jiuyuan, to accelerate the construction of Inner Mongolia JIURI; and acquired core raw material suppliers to establish Jiuri Hongrun, to deepen development in the UV-curing industry. JIURI continued to accelerate the construction of Dajing Information photosensitizer project, invested in the semiconductor electrochemical materials R&D platform—JIURI Semiconductor, and completed the merge and acquisition of Jinghong Biology and Keli Biology to continually promote the strategic layout in the field of semiconductor electronic chemical materials.



Entered the semiconductor electronic chemical industry

In 2020, the Company successfully acquired Dajing New Materials and Dajing Information, and invested in Weixin New Materials, which marked a substantial step forward in the strategic layout of the Company in the field of semiconductor electronic chemicals. On the industrial development road of "UV-curing industry as the core, semiconductor industry as the focus", the Company will give full play to its advantages in chemical synthesis accumulated over the years, grasp the opportunity, and win the initiative to strive to stand in the forefront of international technology development, and to go steady and far.

Listed in SSE STAR Market

On November 5, 2019, JIURI was successfully listed on SSE STAR Market (stock code: 688199.SH), raising a total capital of RMB 1.854 billion. The listing on the board has drawn a strong stroke in the history of the Company's development, which will help the Company to achieve the ambitious goal to become "the global leader in UV-curing materials" at an early date.



First big breakthrough

2018 was a year of remarkable achievements and growth for JIURI. Under the impact of unfavorable factors such as raw material shortage and tighter policy on safety and environmental protection, JIURI has achieved a big growth of annual sales, revenue and profit, with the sales revenue exceeding RMB 1 billion.

Hunan JIURI put into operation

In order to further implement the Company's development strategy, expand the production capacity and enhance the production level, the Company started the construction of its third production base—Hunan JIURI in 2015, and put it into trial operation on August 18, 2016. Hunan Jiuri New Materials Co., Ltd, located in the industrial park in Hongjiang District, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, with the planned production capacity of 8000 tons / year for the first phase, is the first modern production base of the Company and also the first modern production base in China to introduce the automation system into the UV-curing production line. It is also equipped with a complete sewage treatment system, so Hunan JIURI has reached the world’s advanced level in the same industry in aspects of process standard, production efficiency, quality control and safety and environmental protection. 



Mergers and acquisitions completed

The acquisition of Changzhou Huatai Chemical made the first step of JIURI's M&A in the industry. The establishment of Changzhou Jiuri Chemicals Co., Ltd. successfully integrated Huatai to JIURI, and further enriched the Company's product line, which expanded JIURI's influence in the industry, and strengthened JIURI's leading position in the photoinitiator industry. The most important step of the industry integration strategy was completed.

Shandong Jiuri put into production

At that time, the Company's original 10 acres of land were not enough for the rapid development of the Company. Dr. Zhao Guofeng was keenly aware that the lack of production capacity would become the biggest bottleneck in the long-term and stable development of the Company in the future, so he started to look for a new production base as early as 2010. After numerous investigations, the new production base was determined to be located in Xinhai Chemical Industry Park of Wudi County, Shandong Province. Shandong Jiuri Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, as the first production base of the Company, was officially launched in March 2011, started production in March 2012, and operated at full production in 2013. The new production base provides a guarantee and ends the worries for the rapid development of the Company.




In October 1998, Zhao Guofeng, Xie Minyu and other alumnus from Nankai University who are devoted to serving the country through industry established their first company—"JIURI”. The name “久日” is derived from the character “旭”. The Company, like the rising sun, grows endlessly and always shines brilliantly.

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